UFCW Local 700 Members Approve New Contract with Kroger for South Bend Stores

Your UFCW Local 700 Union Negotiating Committee is proud to announce that members have approved a new, three-year contract with Kroger; the proposed contract covers about 800 workers at nine stores in the South Bend area.

The new contract includes:

  • Guaranteed pay raises and ratification bonuses
    • Pay raises are effective three weeks following ratification
  • Affordable, quality health care for you and your families
    • Weekly co-premium will increase by only $1 per week in 2025 
  • Retirement security through UFCW Consolidated Pension and VAPP plans
    • Defined benefit pension extended to a new group of workers 
  • Language improvements include better provisions for earning holidays and holiday pay, greater flexibility for vacation, and additional non- discrimination language

Special thanks to our members serving on the Union Negotiating Committee:
Mike Alvarez, Kroger 966
Katt Batman, Kroger 889
Lisa Bogue, Kroger 963
Julie Bolton, Kroger 915
Kyle Dooley, Kroger 886
Ninfa Garza, Kroger 903
Samantha Griffin, Kroger 879
Patrick Harlan, Kroger 901
Mariann Taft, Kroger 938