Tracy Bartak Sworn in as President of UFCW Local 700

Dear Brothers and Sisters of UFCW Local 700:

I want to thank former UFCW Local 700 President Joe Chorpenning for almost 37 years of dedication to the members of UFCW. Joe spent his career fighting for our members and working to uplift all hardworking families. During his career, Joe built strong Local unions and a better future for all UFCW members. He used his experience to build a bigger, better, stronger union.

Today, the Executive Board selected me to succeed Joe; I am honored to continue this work.

Together, we increased the size of our union and made it stronger. Because we worked together, members approved strong contracts, raised pay, and protected the health care and pension benefits that you’ve earned and deserve. Working together is how we were able to expand our members-only benefits programs and become an early adopter of the free college program. It’s why we were able to organize new members in several industries. All of that means that our members and their families can have a better life.

I will put my experience to work for our members. I’ve been a Union Representative in both retail and in plants and have negotiated major contracts in both of those industries. During my career at UFCW, I’ve also worked on organizing campaigns. Prior to working at UFCW, I worked on the administrative side of both health care and pension funds. 

We will work together with an eye toward the future. Solid contracts. Long term stability for our union. Continuing to find new and innovative ways to serve our members in the workplace. Developing additional members only benefit programs.  Growing our union by organizing new members. 

I appreciate the opportunity to serve with you and for you, and look forward to building a bigger, better, stronger union together.

In solidarity,

Tracy Bartak

Tracy Bartak takes the oath of office.