April, 2017

Build a Better Future with UFCW700 Free College Benefit

UFCW Local 700 Steward Barry Sisson

Through the partnership between UFCW and Eastern Gateway Community, UFCW members and your families can earn a college degree – and won’t have to pay out of your own pocket for tuition, fees, or books. Eastern Gateway Community College is a public, non- profit, regionally accredited school; earned credits transfer to other schools.

This benefit for members of UFCW can save you and your family members thousands of dollars. Family is defined as spouses, children, dependents and grandchildren.

Degree Programs include Associate of Arts; Criminal Justice; Early Childhood Education; Business Management.

UFCW Local 700 Union Steward Barry Sisson is earning his degree:
I chose Business Management for my degree; the classes are stimulating and challenging.  I have an 11-year-old daughter and work 50 hours, 6 days per week, so time is an issue. The instructors are helpful and the administration helped to set up my classes and get me started, which made things much easier.

Some of the best benefits of the program are:

  • Free is within your budget!
  • Do it on your schedule.
  • You do your work anytime, anywhere.

 Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!”

Learn more about the UFCW Local 700 Free College Benefit at www.ufcwfreecollege.org.