January, 2021

UFCW Wins Additional Pay for Kroger Pharmacy Techs; Continues Fight for More Pay for all Kroger Workers

UFCW members are – and have been – on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. You’ve ensured people and families in our communities continue to have the food and supplies they need.

We won additional pay for Kroger Pharmacy Techs. But, we are going to keep pushing and fighting so that all Kroger workers have the resources you’ve earned and deserve and have what you need to stay safe at work.

Local Union leaders in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio recently sent another letter to Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen reading in part:

“As long as our members continue to risk their health and their lives, they deserve hazard pay. It should have never been taken away, and now, more than ever it must be restored…

While we agree with the need to increase the Pharmacy Technician wages during this global pandemic, we maintain our position that every single store employee is at great risk of exposure to the virus and also deserves a temporary wage increase.”

UFCW Announces Scholarship Winners

UFCW Local 700 proudly awards $22,000 per year in scholarships to members and your dependents. Congratulations to the most recent winners:

Caitlin Chval, Kroger J-972

Brandon Foster, Kroger J-911

Jose Leyva, Maria Leyva, Maple Leaf

Sean Radford, Kroger J-869

Abdelmuezz Zeidan, Kroger J-928

Dheyanira Alarcon, Jose Alarcon, Tyson

Nadav Alkaslassy, Kroger J-998

Franklin Montero, Carmen Meija, Tyson

Alfredo Perez, Kroger J-424

Manuel Ramos, Ruth Ramos, Tyson

Abigail Sanchez Contreras, Rosa Sanchez, Tyson

Shawn Smith, Kroger J-928

Kirk D’Rosa, Genevieve D’Rosa, Kroger J-973

Max Sandefer, Kroger J-928