October, 2016

New Free College Benefit for UFCW700 Members and Your Families

We are excited to announce a new benefit from UFCW 700 that is available to you and to your family:  you can earn an Associate degree from Eastern Gateway Community college for free!

Having a college degree is more important than ever for getting ahead these days, but tuition costs just keep getting higher and higher.  The UFCW Free College program can help you and your family succeed without piling on thousands of dollars in student debt.

An Associate Degree can be your pathway to new opportunities, great responsibility and higher wages.  That’s why half of all college graduates in the United States enroll in programs designed to meet the needs of busy working adults—you take classes online, on your schedule.

This is a unique opportunity- available only to UFCW members in good standing and their families.  Families are defined as spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren and dependents.


You can find out more about the benefit and degree programs by calling us at 800-334-3619 or visiting www.UFCW700.org.

We work hard to make sure UFCW members get what they have earned – what they deserve – so that they can make a better life for themselves and their families.  This benefit is just another way to ensure that every family has the opportunity to succeed.

We hope you are excited about this program as we are.  Already, thousands of union brothers and sisters across the country are enrolling in Eastern Gateway Community College, for free, and taking advantage of this valuable benefit.

Spring classes begin January 20— call us now to get started!