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UFCW Local 700 Endorses Mel Hall for Congress

Mel Hall, Candidate for Congress (IN-2)

UFCW International Vice President and Local 700 President Joe Chorpenning announced the endorsement of Mel Hall for Congress in Indiana’s 2ndDistrict. The lifelong Hooiser and former CEO of Press Ganey, a health care patient satisfaction survey company, Hall has dedicated his career to creating jobs and helping hardworking Hoosier families succeed. Hall will fight for all working families in Congress, just like he has for his entire career.

UFCW Local 700 supports candidates who will stand up for the issues most important to our members, like higher wages, paid sick leave, and other policies that help them to enjoy more economic stability.

“Mel knows what it takes to create jobs and opportunity for Hoosier families. We need a champion for the working class in Congress, that’s why we’re supporting Mel,” said Chorpenning. “We look forward to knocking on doors and talking to voters about why Mel is the most qualified to fight for us in Washington.”

UFCW Local 700 Announces Endorsement of Karen Salzer for State Rep

Candidate for Indiana House of Representatives (HD-20) and UFCW Local 700 Union Representative Karen Salzer

INDIANAPOLIS, IN —Today, UFCW International Vice President and Local 700 President Joe Chorpenning announced the endorsement of Karen Salzer for Indiana State Representative (HD-20). Salzer, a Union Representative at UFCW Local 700, has dedicated her career to creating more opportunity for people in Northwest Indiana. Prior to her current position at Local 700, Salzer was a leader in the grocery store where she worked and a staple in the community.

UFCW Local 700 supports candidates who will stand up for the issues most important to our members at the Indiana Statehouse. Continued inaction by Statehouse leadership on issues like living wages, paid sick leave, and other policies important to the economic health of our state have left Hoosier workers behind. These issues will be at the forefront of both Karen’s candidacy and her legislative agenda once elected.

“Karen fights for better lives for our members every day in her professional life; we know she will be a champion for all hardworking Hoosiers as State Representative. We need an advocate like Karen at the Statehouse in Indianapolis,” said Chorpenning. “We look forward to supporting Karen’s candidacy thoughout the election cycle as the most qualified candidate in House District 20.”

UFCW Local 700 Applauds Passage of SB1

United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 700 represents nearly 14,000 members in the supermarkets and packing and processing plants throughout Indiana. These hardworking men and women are professionals who serve our community every day by producing and selling items that end up on kitchen tables all around our state.

“We are pleased to see that SB1 was passed by the legislature and look forward to the governor signing it into law,” said UFCW Local 700 President Joe Chorpenning. “SB1 encourages Hoosiers to spend their hard-earned dollars within Indiana’s borders. Permitting the sale of carryout alcohol on Sundays in Indiana retailers means more hours on the schedule for workers in our state. This leads to higher paychecks and more opportunity for workers and their families; it means more money in our local economy and a stronger state for all of us.”

In this election: What matters most to your family?

This election season, UFCW International President Marc Perrone wants to make sure the campaigns know what issues matter most to our union family, and how they plan to address them. To do this, UFCW is asking for your input on what issues are your priority for the next four years. We will then take those issues and draft letters to each of the campaigns so that Clinton and Trump can address your concerns directly.

We understand that we may not all share the same political beliefs or preferences for candidates – but that’s what makes us strong! We take pride in being a diverse union family and value it as a strength, not a weakness. This is your election, and whatever your political affiliation, you deserve to know how the candidates feel about your concerns.

To take action, visit www.ufcwaction.org/voice between August 1st and August 12th to send us your comments. We will use your input to draft a letter and send it to both Presidential Candidates on August 17th.

We will post the responses from the campaigns to you on the UFCW Action website. To receive an alert when it’s posted, don’t forget to submit your contact information with your comment.

Make your issues known in this election. Join our conversation.


Workers’ Memorial Day: Fighting for Safe and Healthy Jobs

Every year on April 28—Workers’ Memorial Day—UFCW Local 700 joins workers in the U.S. and around the world to remember those who have suffered or died on the workplace and renew the fight for safe and healthy jobs.


While decades of struggle by workers and their unions have resulted in significant workplace safety laws, including the passage of the mine safety law and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, too many workers in the U.S. and around the world are suffering or dying on the job. Here in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 4,600 workers lost their lives on the job in 2014 alone, and millions of America’s workers continue to suffer from injuries and illnesses at work. Women, older workers, and temporary and foreign-born workers are especially at-risk.


Although the Obama Administration has taken action to strengthened safety and health protections, including a new rule to protect workers from deadly silica, stronger whistleblower protections for workers who report job injuries, and OSHA’s new severe injury reporting program, Republican lawmakers and their corporate backers are trying to roll back existing protections and rights and block new safeguards. Republican lawmakers are also supporting right to work laws, which make it harder for unions to bargain for workplace safety protections, along with the better wages and benefits hard-working men and women have earned and deserve. In addition to political obstacles, our country’s growing wealth gap and low-wage, part-time economy has emboldened many employers to cut corners, violate workplace safety laws, put workers in serious danger, and punish those workers who report job hazards or injuries.


On Workers’ Memorial Day and every day, UFCW Local 700 stands with workers in the U.S. and around the world who are fighting to uphold their basic rights – including the right to report dangerous workplace conditions without retaliation and the right to join a union for a safer and healthier workplace. All hard-working men and women deserve a safe place to work, and those politicians and corporations that weaken work safety laws and exploit workers for profit and put them in danger must be held accountable.