UFCW Local 700 Opens Fall Scholarship Contest

UFCW Local 700 is pleased to award a total of $11,000 in scholarships each spring and fall to UFCW Local 700 members or their dependents who have graduated or will graduate from high school, or are currently enrolled in college or trade school. Awards are as follows: Five @ $1,000, Twelve @ $500.

Applicants must UFCW Local 700 members in good standing, or their legal dependents; must have completed the SAT or ACT, and be accepted to an accredited institution OR met the requirements and enrolled in a two-year community college, technical, or trade school.

Applications must be postmarked no later than August 11, 2017.

Two-Year College Scholarship Application

Four-Year College Scholarship Application



UFCW Local 700 Makes Statement on Marsh Bankruptcy Filing

Today, UFCW Local 700, who represents more than 13,000 grocery and packing-processing workers in Indiana, released the following statement in response to reports that Marsh Supermarkets has filed for bankruptcy, affecting thousands of employees.

“The decision to file bankruptcy leaves thousands of workers at Marsh Supermarkets uncertain about their futures and how they will provide for their families. Marsh must do right by them and publicly promise that they will get severance if the stores close. These hard-working men and women have provided an invaluable service to our community for decades and deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.”

Build a Better Future with UFCW700 Free College Benefit

UFCW Local 700 Steward Barry Sisson

Through the partnership between UFCW and Eastern Gateway Community, UFCW members and your families can earn a college degree – and won’t have to pay out of your own pocket for tuition, fees, or books. Eastern Gateway Community College is a public, non- profit, regionally accredited school; earned credits transfer to other schools.

This benefit for members of UFCW can save you and your family members thousands of dollars. Family is defined as spouses, children, dependents and grandchildren.

Degree Programs include Associate of Arts; Criminal Justice; Early Childhood Education; Business Management.

UFCW Local 700 Union Steward Barry Sisson is earning his degree:
I chose Business Management for my degree; the classes are stimulating and challenging.  I have an 11-year-old daughter and work 50 hours, 6 days per week, so time is an issue. The instructors are helpful and the administration helped to set up my classes and get me started, which made things much easier.

Some of the best benefits of the program are:

  • Free is within your budget!
  • Do it on your schedule.
  • You do your work anytime, anywhere.

 Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!”

Learn more about the UFCW Local 700 Free College Benefit at www.ufcwfreecollege.org.

UFCW700 Adds New Staff Position to Better Enforce Contracts

Jason Morey has joined the staff of UFCW Local 700.

UFCW Local 700 members work together to build a better life for our members and all middle class families. Members recently approved a dues restructure to build a bigger, stronger union, and to give us more resources and power at the bargaining table, in organizing new members, and in strengthening our communities.

This week, Jason Morey joined the UFCW Local 700 team. A member of UFCW for eleven years, Jason worked at Kroger, served as a Union Steward, and worked on special projects with the Indiana AFL-CIO. Jason’s job will be to lead audits to ensure that members are being paid appropriately by the company, monitor full-time and part-time positions, update classification and contact information, and other projects. The information provided by the internal audits will be invaluable for grievance management, bargaining, and communication.

Jason has hit the ground running and Is looking forward to his role to better enforce our contract language and ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date information for our members.

Sec.-Treas. Mike Merrell and Jason Morey review a membership audit.

Members of UFCW Local 700 Vote to Build a Bigger, Stronger Union

UFCW Local 700 proudly represents over 13,500 members in grocery stores, and packing and processing plants in Indiana. We work together to build a better life for our members and all middle class families. This week, members voted to build a bigger, stronger union and approved the proposed $1 per week dues increase restructure. The increase restructure will give us more resources and more power at the bargaining table, in organizing new members, and in strengthening our communities. 

Over the last decade, we’ve stuck together through challenging times, but together, we’ve won some of the strongest contracts in our industry, lifted starting wages in many of our work locations, expanded members-only programs and benefits (including free college!), added Stewards to enforce our contracts in the workplace every day, and built our union through organizing new members.

We want to protect the gains we’ve made and provide more opportunity for our members to create better lives for you and your family. With a restructure, we will:

  • Better enforce our contracts by reducing the territory size of our Union Representatives and hiring more staff
  • Increase our ability to organize new members through a bigger organizing department
  • Offer more training for Union Stewards
  • Provide more members-only programs and benefits
  • Continue to negotiate strong contracts with better wages and affordable, quality health care.

The dues restructure increase is effective April 1, 2017.

Should you have any questions or desire further information, please contact your Union Representative.

UFCW700 Members at ConAgra Dairy Approve New Four-Year Contract

UFCW Local 700 members at ConAgra Dairy in Indianapolis have overwhelmingly approved a new, four-year contract. The Union Bargaining Committee focused on protecting and increasing benefits and fair treatment for everyone working in the plant.

The new contract:

  • Raises wages, closes the 2-tier wage gap, and provides a lump sum payment
  • Increases pension benefits
  • Maintains Health and Welfare benefits for families
  • Protects crewing seniority and overtime
  • Gives more flexibility for use of vacation time

The contract is effective upon ratification.

Get the Most from Your Membership

Thank you for your hard work, as well as everything you do, every day, for our union family.

We want to start 2017 by making sure you save money. How? By learning more about the valueand benefits we negotiated for all our hard-working UFCW members.

As a member of our UFCW family, not only do you get a contract that provides important benefits, like job security and quality, affordable health care—you also can receive some great membership discounts.

These discounts can save you as much as $3,000 in 2017. That’s a lot of money.

What kinds of discounts can you and other members get?

Discounts on tickets to movie theaters and theme parks worth $45 a year

  • A discount on your AT&T Wireless bill worth $88.20 a year
  • Consumer credit and budget counseling worth $75 a year 
  • Savings on the purchase of Goodyear tires worth $23 a year
  • Discounts on legal consultations worth $188 a year
  • A reduced membership to Union Plus Motor Club worth $59.75 per year
  • A discount on a vacation tour worth $150 a year

And a whole lot more!

Please visit UFCW.org/value to learn more about these important benefits and discounts.

It’s easy to take these simple steps in order to save money and increase the value of your UFCW membership by up to $3,000 per year.

The truth is: You’ve earned these benefits, and we want you to use them.

UFCW President Perrone Makes Statement on Amazon Go

Marc Perrone, International President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), the largest private sector union in the nation, made the following statement about Amazon Go:

“Amazon believes that America’s hard-working men and women are irrelevant to customers – they couldn’t be more wrong. The amazing people who work inside grocery stores are more than neighbors and friends, they provide an invaluable and vital service.

“Those who work in our local grocery stores do a lot more than just ring people up at the register. They are professionals who advise customers about the right cut of meat, help them find the products they need, create expertly prepared meals and most importantly, can be trusted to ensure that everything bought in their stores is safe to consume.

“Amazon is masking its blind greed as progress. This is not about improving customer experience: It is about destroying good jobs, with no regard to the families and communities impacted. This is not the America that hard-working families want and deserve.”

The UFCW is the largest private sector union in the United States, representing 1.3 million professionals and their families in grocery stores, meatpacking, food processing, retail shops and other industries. Our members help put food on our nation’s tables and serve customers in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Learn more about the UFCW at www.ufcw.org.

Kroger Members – Enroll for Health Care by Dec. 18

If you have completed 2017 Open Enrollment and have your confirmation number–FANTASTIC–you’re on the road to great medical benefits!
If you haven’t completed Open Enrollment, you have until MIDNIGHT on Sunday, December 18. Don’t be stuck wondering how you will get medical insurance for 2017–ENROLL NOW. Here’s how:
  1. Call 800.433.1204 and press 0
  2. Open a Member XG account and sign up online 24/7
  3. Check to see if your union representative will be at your location to help you enroll
  4. Enroll in person at the Fund office, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
  5. A few plans permit open enrollment through the mail (check your packet)


Holiday Season Brought to You by Members of UFCW

After a long and divisive election, it is time for all of us to celebrate the spirit of a holiday season that brings us all together.

UFCW700 President Joe Chorpenning with members at ConAgra

UFCW700 President Joe Chorpenning with members at ConAgra

As America’s food union, United Food and Commercial Workers members proudly prepare and make many of the foods that families all across the Hoosier state and this nation will see on their Thanksgiving table. At ConAgra, our members work hard to make the holidays happen by making and processing the food that so many all across our great community love, because they know how hard families work every single day.

Giving thanks to those who work hard and sacrifice on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas is not about being gracious, it is about whether we as a nation honor hard work with better wages and benefits. Because of good contracts negotiated with responsible union retailers like Kroger, our hard-working members are able to earn extra pay and other benefits when they work holidays. Smarter scheduling and a union contract also allow our members the opportunity to shape their schedules, such as deciding whether to work on holidays, without fear of losing their jobs.

These are good local jobs. Good American union jobs. Good union jobs that not only can’t be outsourced, but also provide real value to their employers, the community and the customers they serve.

Unfortunately, other hard-working retail workers, like those at Walmart or Marsh, are not as fortunate.

All across our community, men and women who work at these retailers will have little to no choice as to whether they work on holidays. Because they lack a contract that protects their rights, these retail workers have no real power to say “no” to working on a holiday, or any other day. Even worse, they must accept jobs that pay low wages with unpredictable schedules and little to no benefits or protection.

The truth is that America is better than this, and the power to change our community for the better is within all of us. Union workers’ wages are 27 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts, and union workers are more likely to have jobs that provide health insurance, paid vacation, fair scheduling, and holidays and sick leave. Every one of us can help send a message by choosing to value companies that value our families.

At UFCW Local 700, we sincerely believe that no one should have to struggle alone, whether it is on a holiday or any other day. And, by choosing to shop at responsible stores this holiday season, we as a community can help send a powerful message of thanks.

Thank employers who do what is right, and workers who work hard for us all.

Happy Holidays.