UFCW Local 700 Members Approve New Ft. Wayne Kroger Contract

Members of UFCW Local 700 have approved a new three-year contract with Kroger; the proposed contract covers about 2,600 workers at 22 stores in the Ft. Wayne area. The contract was approved by 72% of those voting in favor.

The new contract includes:

  • Guaranteed pay raises and ratification bonuses
    • Pay raises are retroactive to August 7, 2022, and in addition to the $.30-$2.50 increases that took effect in October 2021
  • Affordable, quality health care for you and your families
    • Weekly co-premium will increase by only $1 per week in 2025
  • Retirement security through UFCW Consolidated Pension and VAPP plans
    • Defined benefit pension extended to a new group of workers
  • Language improvements include one additional personal day, greater flexibility for vacation, and additional non-discrimination language

Special thanks to the union members serving on the Negotiations Committee; we appreciate your time, efforts, and thoughtful consideration of contract issues and proposals throughout this process:

Randy Farler, Kroger 405 (Meat)
Mary Ann King, Kroger 929 (Floral)
Debrah Kroterfield, Kroger 990 (File Clerk)
Peggy Lee, Kroger 857 (Cashier)
Sherry Miner, Kroger 837 (Pick up/E-commerce)
Ron Tinney, Kroger 973 (DSD)
Carol Zigl, Kroger 414 (Cashier)

Should you have any questions or desire further information, please contact your Union Representative.