UFCW Local 700 Members Approve New Contract with Kroger for Decatur Stores

Your UFCW Local 700 Union Negotiating Committee is proud to announce that members have approved a new three-year contract covering the Decatur-area stores. Our new contract will create a better, more secure future for Kroger workers and your families.

We worked to reach an agreement that raises pay, protects seniority, and keeps you safe and healthy at work. The new contract includes increases for starting pay rates, for people moving through the brackets, and for top rate. It improves daily claiming rights and language for the grievance procedure. The contract protects quality, affordable health care for members and your families, and the retirement security you’ve earned. 

Special thanks to the union members serving on the Negotiating Committee. We appreciate your time, work, and thoughtful consideration of contract issues and proposals throughout this process:

Jody Burns, Kroger J-946

Karen Browning, Kroger J-922

Justi Houser, Kroger J-924

Christine Ramsey, Kroger J-946

Diane Ridgeway, Kroger J-924

For details on our contract wins, should you have any questions, or if you’d like further information, please contact your Union Representative.