Kroger workers to receive additional pay

We’ll keep fighting for the resources and job protections you need. All hourly, frontline workers active as of January 29, 2021 will receive a $100 Thank You Credit on their loyalty card. This credit is not taxable. All Kroger workers active as of January 29, 2021 will also receive 1,000 fuel points. Both items will be applied to your loyalty card on Feb. 11.

The $100 store credit/gift card or fuel points are not subject to payroll tax withholdings. These items are to help cover / defray personal, family or living expenses as a result of the pandemic. They will not be treated as income.

The credit does need to be used in one transaction. If a purchase is made that is less than $100, the remaining balance will be applied to future purchases until the $100 is gone. (It will appear on your receipt as “thank you credit.” The credit cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco, fuel or pharmacy purchases.)

If more than one Kroger worker lives in the household, the $100 store credit is issued for each qualifying worker. All Kroger workers who are members of the household must have their loyalty cards linked in ExpressHR for the offers to automatically load.

Kroger workers who were on Leave of Absence (LOA) as of Jan. 29 are not eligible, with the exception of those on Emergency LOA.