Union Bargaining Committee Prepares for Negotiations with Kroger

UFCW Local 700 leaders and members of the UFCW Local 700 Union Bargaining Committee are busy preparing for upcoming contract negotiations for the Indianapolis Kroger contract; the current agreement expires in May. The Committee recently met with for an in-depth review of the following: current contract language, current wage scales, health and wellness funding and coverage, pension funding and coverage, and bargaining proposals.

In November 2015, members of UFCW Local 700 working in Indianapolis Kroger stores approved a new wage scale and improved scheduling provisions. The new pay rates were effective November 15, 2015. Because of the new wage scale, Associates earn bigger raises as you move through each step and reach the top rate sooner. New scheduling has also been implemented; now, you have your work schedule in hand two weeks in advance.

The hardworking men and women who work in Kroger stores every day are what make Kroger one of the most successful companies in the grocery industry. Your Union Bargaining Committee will work to protect affordable, quality health care, livable wages, and strong contract language. In 2011, members of UFCW approved the creation of the UFCW Consolidated Fund, which provides and guarantees pension coverage through 2021.

We are working to schedule dates with the company and expect to begin negotiations later this month.

Members may sign up for bargaining updates by emailing bkelly@ufcw700.org with subject line: Kroger (include your name and work location in the body of the email).