The Union Difference: Needler’s Fresh Market

Union versus Non-Union: The difference is a better life for you and your family.


UFCW Local 700 Members at Kroger


Needler’s Fresh Markets

Starting Pay Begins at $11/hr.  Begins as low as $7.85/hr.
Guaranteed Raises Guaranteed yearly raises and bonuses
Year 1 – $800 + $1000 bonus
Year 2 – $ 1600
Year 3 – $1600
With a union contract, as much as $5000 in pay increases and bonuses
over three years
No guarantee of merit based raises. No standard policy for reviews. Raises after reviews at total discretion of company –  whatever they want, whenever they want.
Health Care Benefits Affordable Major Medical, Dental, Vision Coverage for PT and FT Employees
Employee – Starting at $24 per month
Employee + Child(ren) – Starting at $44 per month
Unaffordable benefits for FT workers only (32+ hours per week). Employee covers 80% of the cost, from $400-$600/month.
Seniority Protections Seniority protections, including maximizing schedules up to 40 hrs. per week No seniority protections
Premium Pay Premium pay
Night crew up to $3100/year ($1.50/hr)
Person in Charge up to $2000/year ($1/hr)
Office Work up to $800/yr ($.40/hr)
Lead up to $2000/year ($.40-$1/hr)
No premium pay
Lunches and Paid Breaks Guaranteed lunches and paid breaks every shift worked No guarantees for lunch or break
Holiday Pay Guaranteed holiday pay for contractual holidays (for example, if you are off on Christmas you still get paid)
FT pay for 8 hrs., PT pay for 4 hrs.
No guarantees for holiday pay; if store is closed, you don’t get paid. Holiday pay only if you work holiday.
Daily Overtime Daily overtime pay after 8 hours; paid for hours between split shifts Overtime only after 40 hours in a weekand pay for hours you are clocked in.
Scheduling minimum Minimum schedule of 16 hrs./week Minimum schedule of four hrs./week;you only get the hours they give you.
Fair discipline process Due process if you’re ever treated unfairly by management, or unjustly disciplined or fired. You are an at-will employee who can be disciplined or fired for any reason, with or without cause. Management does what they want, when they want, how they want.
Educational opportunities Free Online College and GED completion programs for employees and their families.An exclusive benefit for members of UFCW Local 700. Tuition assistance for books only.Scholarships not exclusive to Needler employees; no provisions for GED attainment.
Special events and discounts Discounts for tickets, movies, amusement parks, and sporting events! Deals on hotels, rental cars, and vacations! No special programs.
Standing together You are part of the 1.3 million-member United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, joining together and fighting for a better life. You are fighting on your own.