Political Action

votersAll across the country, corporations and the super-rich are funneling unprecedented amounts of money into legislative attacks on workers, women, and voting rights. Their goal is to create an even more unbalanced economy where the rich get richer, the powerful stay in power, and working people have no mechanism to fight back.

Through our political action, Local 700 members work to level the playing field. By bringing together thousands of workers, our voice is amplified to a decibel that is impossible to ignore.

Recent News

In this election: What matters most to your family?

This election season, UFCW International President Marc Perrone wants to make sure the campaigns know what issues matter most to our union family, and how they plan to address them. To do this, UFCW is asking for your input on what issues are your priority for the next four years. We will then take those issues and […]

Workers’ Memorial Day: Fighting for Safe and Healthy Jobs

Every year on April 28—Workers’ Memorial Day—UFCW Local 700 joins workers in the U.S. and around the world to remember those who have suffered or died on the workplace and renew the fight for safe and healthy jobs.   While decades of struggle by workers and their unions have resulted in significant workplace safety laws, […]